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Top Sports Betting Consultants

Win More Bets And
Have More Fun Making Money With SportsĀ 

Win More Bets And
Have More Fun Making Money With SportsĀ 

What is
Troy Wins?

Troy Wins, featuring the best collection of sports handicapping talent and serious players in the business today. Our handicappers use a system that blends sound money management techniques, a keen understanding of risk management and solid statistical analysis. We utilize a solid long-term strategy for success that relies on gambling fundamentals. When it comes to inside information, sports handicapping trends, angles, game plans, weather, travel and motivation in all the major sports, there is no one that can match our skills. We research all games in a tireless effort to gather relevant details that affect the outcome of each game. When we find matchups we like, they are analyzed with great precision before we put them out.

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Our Packages

Weekly Pick Package
1 Day FREE Trial
  • Weekly Sports Picks
  • Top Longshot Parlays
  • Bankroll Tips & Tricks
  • Insider Information
Monthly Pick Package
1 Day FREE Trial
  • Sports Picks For The Entire Month
  • Top Picks Of The Day
  • Bankroll Tips & Tricks
  • Insider Information
Yearly VIP CLub
One Time Payment
  • No Limit Wagering
  • Inner Circle
  • VIP Picks
  • Guaranteed Profit

VIP Club

Inner circle that's beneficial to the Sports Bettor. We has the resources to be able to bet and collect at least $5,000 and up per game. The VIP Club releases only a handful of picks each month using our very sophisticated formula locating every possible factor that could influence covering the game.

The VIP Club offers a player no limit in wagering on the pick for maximum earnings. These spot plays have highest winning percentage to cover. VIP Club members are successful, respected, and influential sport bettors who make a substantial move when the time is right.
Item Price
Free for 1 days then $25 every week
Free for 1 days then $100 every month


How Do I Buy Your Picks?

You can choose one of our packages and pay using one of the many methods listed. Your service will start immediately.

Do you give info about each game?

Yes, we include a details on how much to wager on each pick we release.

Can I Contact You?

Of course! we work 1 on 1 with our clients and are available every day 7am to 7pm EST.
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