Today’s Picks


Saturday has arrived! 15 unit MLB: Tigers ML. Rangers ML. Redsox Ml. 35 unit Mariners ML. UFC Fight Night: 35 unit Whittaker ML. 15 unit: Lima ML. Walker ML

Prop Bets

Props are considered 5-unit bonus plays. They are optional for all clients and are not counted towards the record. It’s an added bonus for all Clients! Currently they are hitting above 70%.

If Props Aren’t Posted Yet, Check Back Shortly

Saturday Props:

  • E Suarez (AZ) OVER 0.5 Total Bases
  • J Jones (PIT) OVER 16.5 Total Pitcher Outs
  • J Jones (PIT) OVER 5.5 Total Pitcher Strikeouts

*Make sure you join our IG discord as often we post these props evening before when lines come out and tell you to lock them in b4 they move overnight.


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